About Us

SoLa Impact is a family of social impact, real estate funds focused on high-quality affordable housing, catalyzing economic development, and providing access to educational opportunities in low-income communities. SoLa Impact was recently recognized as the nation’s leading Urban OZ fund by Forbes & the Sorenson Impact Center. We leverage robust, data-driven social impact strategies to not only improve the communities we invest in, but to deliver superior financial returns.


SoLa Impact currently owns and manages a portfolio of 1,500+ apartments in the greater South Los Angeles area. With multiple projects in various stages of rehab, construction, and pre-construction, we are positioned to build and renovate another 1,500 affordable units with our current pipeline of Opportunity Zone projects. In addition, we acquired and are rehabbing “The Beehive”, SoLa’s Opportunity Zone Business Campus that has garnered nationwide attention.


Top OZ

In February of 2020, Forbes Magazine and the Sorenson Impact Center recognized SoLa Impact as the nation’s leading Opportunity Zone Fund with an Urban Focus, bestowing top honors on the South Central Los Angeles affordable housing developer in the inaugural Forbes OZ 20: The Top Opportunity Zone Catalysts, which honors leaders harnessing the new tax policy to unlock transformative economic potential and create lasting change in America’s historically neglected communities.