SoLa’s Key Pillars

Homelessness Prevention

At the onboarding of each tenant, our Social Impact team conducts an assessment to
help connect tenants with needed support services, preventing our formerly homeless
tenants from ending up back on the street. SoLa offers a long-term, sustainable solution.

  • Provide housing and supportive services through our partner agencies to those who are currently experiencing homelessness
  • Currently own 1,500 affordable units
  • 1,500 high-quality affordable units will be built or rehabbed over the next 2-3 years
  • $30 million spent on improvements to properties
  • 2/3rds of our tenants receive subsidies; out-of-pocket rents average less than $500
  • Developed a home for Transitional Age Youth

Economic Development & Job Creation

SoLa has purchased 100,000 sq ft of commercial space to launch “The Beehive”, the nation’s first campus for Opportunity Zone businesses to facilitate the creation of
jobs in the area.

  • Development of OZ Campus will bring 700+ jobs to South LA by 2021
  • The Beehive campus will serve as an incubator for organizations that offer local, skilled jobs – including vocational training
  • SoLa prioritizes investment in local businesses that are minority and female-owned, and that have ongoing and long-term potential to further employ and serve these target populations
  • 300+ construction and maintenance jobs created by SoLa
  • 11 businesses operate in SoLa owned commercial spaces
  • 30% of SoLa’s employees are from the South LA community; 70% of contractors

Access to Education and Opportunity

We believe if you can see it, you can be it! SoLa aims to inspire South Los Angeles youth to see possibility in their lives by providing new learning experiences and opportunities.

  • Over 300 South LA youth have participated in SoLa programs, introducing them to various careers and opportunities
  • SoLa annually awards approximately $100,000 in college scholarships. View our 2019 SoLa Scholarship Ceremony video here
  • SoLa provides financial literacy, tech education programs, college readiness, and career and entrepreneurship development to tenants and youth in the community. Learn more about our 501(c)(3) The SoLa I CAN Foundation here
  • SoLa’s Tech and Entrepreneurship Development Center will be our community’s Tech YMCA which will help young people secure technology jobs in LA’s $92 billion annual technology market

Community Engagement

Community engagement and public-private partnerships are critical to successful community revitalization efforts.

  • SoLa continues to engage local leaders in prioritizing projects with high community impact
  • Currently developing 18 ground-up projects with over 50,000 sq ft of open community space
  • Over 40 partnerships with local nonprofits (some as tenants)
  • SoLa convenes stakeholders, nonprofit partners, and local officials once per quarter in a forum called “Collective Impact”, during which the group discusses the challenges faced by other agencies and how the group might work together to advance solutions

Our Partners