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Live Nation Invests in Youth Music Education Center & Workforce Training Program in L.A.


Live Nation Invests In Training Marginalized South L.A. Students In The Business And Technology Of Live Entertainment


Jane Goodall visited the Beehive to speak in South LA to hundreds of elementary school kids

How Black Market Flea and Everyday People brought the buzz of Black life to the Beehive

PayPal Invests $25M in Black Impact Fund to Address Racial Equity Through Affordable Housing

Riot Games commits $2M to South Los Angeles educational effort

Snap Inc. to fund $250,000 in SoLa Scholarships in 2022

SoLa Impact’s “Black Impact Fund” anchored by $50M Commitment from CalSTRS

Pacific Premier Bank Commits $50 Million to Advancing SoLa’s Mission

How SoLa Impact Buys into Black Communities through Investment and Development

SoLa’s Black Impact Fund to Extend L.A. Housing Strategy to More West Coast Cities

SoLa Advocates for Investment in Section 8 Vouchers to Support Communities in Need

SoLa Impact Aims to Level the Housing Playing Field for Black and Brown Communities

Black Owned Art Gallery to Open on SoLa’s Beehive Campus in South Los Angeles

SoLa Uses Private Capital for New Affordable Housing Projects in South LA

SoLa Plans to Provide 1000 South LA Families with Free Internet for Distance Learning

SoLa Helps Close the Digital Divide in South LA with Internet Campaign

SoLa Impact is Raising $1 Billion for Minority Community Housing

SoLa Impact Creates $1 Billion Black Impact Fund with OZ Equity and Traditional Investment

SoLa I CAN Identified as Community Champion by JP Morgan Chase

SoLa I CAN Provides 200 South LA Residents with Vocational Scholarships

Martin Muoto of SoLa Impact Announced as 2020 Game-Changing Founder of Color

LA Rams Award $50,000 to SoLa I CAN Foundation to Close the Digital Divide in South LA

SoLa Impact Announces $1 Billion Black Impact Fund

SoLa Impact’s Black Impact Fund Aims to Raise $1 Billion for Investing in Minority Communities

LA Kings Partner with SoLa I Can to Donate Internet Hotspots to South LA Families

SoLa Partners with LA Kings and Wells Fargo to Distribute Laptops to Families in Need

SoLa Impact Listed as 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Los Angeles 

SoLa Impact Joins LA’s Racial Equity & Newly Empowered Workplaces Task Force

SoLa Impact recognized as the 7th fastest growing minority-led business in the US

Oprah Gives An Additional $3 Million in Pandemic Relief Grants to Los Angeles

Opportunity Zone Investors Should Consider Being On The ‘Right Side Of History,’ Fund Founder Says

SoLa Provides South LA Students Tech Tools for Remote Learning

Black Homeownership Gets a Boost in Los Angeles: “We’ll Rebuild Black Wall Street”

Opportunity For Prosperity in SoLa

Meet The Forbes OZ 20: The Top Players Investing For Lasting Impact

Former NBA player and real estate fund help South LA tenants

Martin Muoto’s SoLa Impact Fund Investments in Housing and South LA Business Center Undaunted by COVID-19

Social Impact in L.A.’s Opportunity Zones

Agent of Impact: Martin Muoto, SoLa Impact

This Investor Has Raise $165 Million to House Blacks and Hispanics in Opportunity Zones

Sola Impact founder
Martin Muoto works to
revitalize South L.A.

Opportunity Zone Funds Are Off To A Slow Start, Lagging Behind Heady Expectations

Is an opportunity zone 
the right investment for you?

SoLa Impact Launches The

Investments in ‘people and places’ start to demonstrate impact in Opportunity Zones

Southern California Opportunity Zone fund goes for investing with social conscience

Martin Muoto – Renovate South-Central Los Angeles? Sure! Why not?

Tapping Opportunity Zones, Social Impact Investor SoLa Raises Its Biggest Fund. Martin Muoto and Opportunity Zones Are A Perfect Match

Opportunity zone space 
planned for South LA

SoLa Impact’s Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony Concludes at USC

Opportunity Zone Funds: 
It’s Complicated

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Los Angeles Business Council

Los Angeles Business Council – Community Impact Award in Architecture

Bridge Builders Foundation

Bridge Builders Foundation – Manhood Award

American Institute of Architects Los Angeles

AIA – Merry Norris Design Advocate Award

Green Building Initiative

GBI – Two Green Globes Award

Los Angeles Urban League

LA Urban League – Trailblazer Award

Speaking Events

Economic Innovation Group

Martin Muoto, Panelist at EIG’s
Opportunity Zones Coalition
Convening with Michael Lohr and
Benjamin Miller

The Department of
the Treasury

Martin Muoto at briefing for Secretary
of Treasury Steven Mnuchin on
Opportunity Zones

Forbes Opportunity Zone Summit

Martin Muoto, Jeremy Keele, Ron Beit,
Michael Novogradac, Forbes
Opportunity Zone panelist:
Reimagining Real Estate

United States Senate

Martin Muoto meets with Senator
Tim Scott (R-SC) to discuss SoLa
Impact’s work in South Los Angeles

Urban Tech Connect

Martin Muoto, a speaker at Urban Tech
Connect, discusses how to tap into
Transformative Startup Capital, where
forward-thinking investors are
uncovering great startup potential,
from under-represented groups to
overlooked sectors