South Los Angeles Mother Receives Warm Welcome to Beautiful New Home at SoLa Rentals

Courtney is an essential worker with two jobs, a Section 8 voucher holder, and the sole caretaker for her four young children. She works for In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) as a provider of in-home care for elderly, blind, and disabled individuals. She also holds a second position at the post office, where she has temporarily taken a maternity leave of absence. With another child on the way, Courtney knew she wanted a better living environment for her children that was more spacious and included a yard for them to safely play outside. She began setting her sights on a house that could comfortably accommodate her growing family.

When she received a call from SoLa informing her of a Section 8 project-based four-bedroom unit that was move-in ready, she leapt into action. Courtney began working with Thomas, a Compliance Manager within SoLa’s Property Management Team, who loved her enthusiasm and communication during the process. For residents navigating rental vouchers and government housing programs, the process can be quite daunting without the support of experienced team members like Thomas.

“Courtney was wonderful. She kept up with all her paperwork, had a great attitude, and was very organized and prepared for this change,” says Thomas.

Their combined efforts paid off. Courtney found herself opening the doors to her new home with her daughters earlier this week, greeted by Thomas and the SoLa team who processed her application. She was overcome with joy upon seeing the high-quality appliances and lush front lawn for her kids to play on.


Most of all, Courtney was thankful to know that there was someone just as excited about her move-in as she was, and felt that SoLa was truly invested in making her housing journey a positive experience.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better!” she says.

The SoLa team is so glad to see Courtney happily at home. SoLa is proud to be part of the solution to LA’s housing crisis by offering high quality housing—making a truly positive impact in the lives of South Los Angeles residents. SoLa is working hard to provide access to affordable housing for individuals and families, like Courtney’s. With another 1,500 units in the immediate pipeline, SoLa hopes to end the cycles of homelessness and contribute to a brighter future for many Angelenos.